Why LED thermal pads are important?

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There's no doubt that LEDs are highly efficient than incandescent or fluorescent lights, but still, a high amount of electricity is converted into heat in LED lights rather than turning into electricity.

It is essential to separate the excessive heat produced from the LED devices because semiconductor is only designed to handle a certain amount of heat. Moreover, other characteristic properties of a semiconductor like the forward voltage, wavelength and lifetime depend upon the temperate only.

To regulate the temperature of LED devices and monitor the excessive heat amount - LED thermal pads are used. The thermal pad provides an effective channel for heat transfer and optimizes thermal resistance from the LED chip junction to the thermal pad. The pad is electrically isolated from the anode or cathode of the LED and can be soldered or attached directly to grounded elements on the board or heat sink system.

Uses of LED thermal pads

Thermal pads are primarily used in the LED devices to adjust the temperature so that the device won't get damaged from the negative impact of the excessive heat. But, apart from this main use, these pads can be used in multiple other ways as well.

1. Maintaining the desired colour of light

LED thermal pads are used to maintain the desired level of light in the room. With the slight increase in the temperature of LED lights, around 10% of the reduction in the brightness of the lights can be recorded. So, to maintain the desired level color in LED devices - it is important to monitor the heat through thermal pads.

2. Prevents fire

This has been heard in multiple fire explosion cases that overheating of the lighting source has to lead to the excessive heat that eventually creates fire. So, if you have installed thermal pads in the LED lighting system, then they will absorb the extra heat and won’t let anything harm the internal electric wiring. With this one small pad, a huge fire explosion can be prevented easily.

3. Increase the life of your LEDs

When your LEDs won’t overheat quickly and they work under the limited heat amount, then this will eventually increase the lifespan of your gadgets. The thermal pads will observe the excessive amount of current so that extra heat won’t damage other important parts of LEDs. In a manner, this small pad can increase or decrease the lifespan of your device.

4. Higher thermal conductivity

If we compare thermal pads with other heat absorbing solutions like thermal grease, then it is way better than any other substitute and works best in the LED gadgets. That’s because the thermal conductivity level of the thermal pad is very good. The thermal conductivity means the property of interest is the product's ability to transfer heat.

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